Tallgrass Prairie Gourmet Package – 100% Grass-Fed

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This is for the professional steakeater who wants to show-off for his friends. Whether trying to impress the boys at the poker table or dining with Waterford crystal, this package should do it, as long as you prepare these babies medium rare. Grass-fed beef easily overcooks, about 30% faster than normal. Just a word to the wise.

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More and more people are sampling grass-fed beef and this package could almost feed the revolution. From the Paleo diet to Atkins, a healthier diet can start right here. Compared with a corn-fed 6 oz. steak, the grass-fed equivalent is 100 calories less and is nutrient-rich.

Your package will include:
4 (7-8 oz) Natural Beef Filets
4 (10-11 oz) Natural Beef Rib Eyes
4 (10-11 oz) Natural Beef New York Strips

Thawing Instructions
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